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The algorithm for real estate valuation developed by Wikicasa is able, thanks to artificial intelligence, to identify advertisements with similar characteristics to the property to be evaluated on the portal in the reference area. In this way, & egrave; It is possible to obtain a price estimate for the property in question in a few minutes. The estimate of the value of a property obtained online, however, does not in any way replace the real estate valuation performed by a professional.

For an initial estimate of the value of a property, only 4 details are required: address of the property, type (if it is an apartment, villa or loft), square meters and number of rooms . Through these data, is able to provide you with the estimated price, the maximum value and the minimum value of the property.

Through the Wikicasa rating service you can request a free consultation from a real estate professional. To request it just select "Yes" to the question "Do you want a free consultation?". You will be contacted by a professional active in the area where is located the property, which will carry out the evaluation, free of charge.

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