How much worth is your property?

Find it out right now with the completely free valuation tool!

Are you going to purchase or sell a property?

If you are about to buy or sell a house or if you are just curious to find out the value of a property, Wikicasa supports you with a completely free, simple and fast valuation. If you want a more precise and personalized valuation, once the procedure is completed you can request to be contacted by the best professionals on Wikicasa in your area.

How does the valuation work?

Enter the main data of your property and Wikicasa will process them thanks to its IAREE (Iterative Algorithm for Real Estate Evaluation) you will get the best valuation in the shortest possible time.

How does the algorithm work?

The IAREE compares hundreds of thousands of data, crossing the records present on Wikicasa - relating similar and close properties to the one to be valued - with those of institutional databases such as the OMI.