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To deepen your knowledge of what the Italian real estate market has to offer at all times

  • Access our database of real estate listings representative of the entire offer of the Italian market
  • Data updated in real time thanks to the link to our three portals: Wikicasa,Casaclick and Commerciali
  • It analyses the market in depth using key variables (square metres, asking price, type of property etc.).
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To better understand the needs and characteristics demanded by homeseekers

  • Get real time information on national real estate demand
  • See metrics on clicks, views and requests made by our users for properties on our portals
  • Study demand dynamics at local level with access to granular data
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To obtain a complete overview of the national property market

  • Access official trading data
  • See values and volumes of real estate transactions
  • Process local studies using our granular data
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To accurately, punctually and scientifically evaluate any property at any time

  • Uses our proprietary algorithm, developed and updated by our experts
  • Update your evaluations in real time
  • Observe market price fluctuations
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